Our Services

All our products are proudly hand painted in the U.S.A.

Our hand painted kitchen and bath fixtures, as seen in the galleries, are just a few examples of the endless designs we have to offer, matched to a certain fixture style. Customers have the option to implement one of our existing designs onto any style of sink or toilet to best match their preference. Customer also has the option to select a white fixture and add a personalized custom design, tailored to their specific décor. 



We welcome your inquiries and ideas; whether you are a showroom representative, homeowner, bathroom designer, or interior decorator, we are pleased to work with you to fulfill your specials requirements. Custom designs are created as unique pieces of art from matched colors and patterns to the exact specifications demanded by our customers. You are able to truly customized your bathroom and kitchen fixtures sending us a wallpaper, or fabric motif, reproduced stone looks, and metal finishes like copper and bronze and luxurious precious metals like gold and platinum. Atlantis Porcelain Art brings you an exquisite hand painted sink that you will love for years to come.